Eisenberg 2007 
From: Janaye @ (Wed 14 Sep 2011 08:10:34 AM CEST)
Super jeazzd about getting that know-how.


From: Cheyanne @ (Wed 01 Feb 2017 04:23:06 AM CET)
Baronthank you for the extoinapaln. I am as appreciative of Jimmie Stewart as anyone, but I wonder how many others are or will be asking the same question. Witty, yes, but also a tad dated for today's audience.


From: Thena @ (Wed 01 Feb 2017 06:57:24 AM CET)
wow I'd love to have this wok!hsopr! I'm actually doing a newborn shoot tomorrow. It's only my 3rd one and my first one of a girl and I'm excited but nervous. I could use all the help I can get!


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